G-Force believes in offering sound information and advice to help you make the right decisions for your automatic gate. Here,you‘ll find valuable information about our solar powered and 12V AC powered gate openers,our warranties and our company.

G-Force is proudly Australian owned and operated. We began operation in 2003. Today, we are a major supplier of DIY gate motor kits for swing gates and sliding gates all across Australia.

All our automatic gate motor kits are backed by a one year manufacturers’ warranty.

We can arrange delivery to anywhere in Australia for a nominal delivery charge calculated according to location.

Between winter and summer, farm fences and gates can be subject to ground movement causing gate posts and gates to move and,typically, farm gates usually have very basic hinges. These two factors can cause misalignment with the gate. By design, the G-Force AG 5 swing arm gate motor naturally rotates and can tolerate ground movement and any misalignment and give reliable operation all year round. The linear type gate motors (ram type, piston type, screw type, telescopic type etc.) have to be mounted to the gate and gate post with an accurate triangle geometry to make them rotate. Movement or misalignment with the gate can cause thelinear type gate motors to fail and become unreliable.

G-Force has a gate opener solution to suit most types of gates. We can automate swing gates, sliding gates and farm gates, commercial and industrial gates. Your gate will need to be soundly installed, freeswinging or freesliding and in good working order. The posts should be robust and firmly in the ground.

Swing arm gate openers are highly adaptable. Our swing arm gate motor will open gates centre mounted up to 300mm from the back of a pillar. Swing arm gate motors are more flexible in this application than thelinear type gate motors.

Up to 130° depending on site and installation offsets..

Generally, our double swing gatemotors do not require a ground stop. G-Force swing gate motors have built-in user-adjustable limit switches to set the open and closed positions. However, a ground stop will enable the gates to close firmly and tightly against one another. For long, heavy gates which have greater momentum when closing, we recommend the use of a ground stop.

A minimum of 400mm side room clearance from the hinge point is required with our standard swing arm gate kits. Where clearance is less than 400mm, please contact us for further advice.

Fully cladsingle gates and double gates catch the wind like a sail. The gate motors must be strong enough to push against this extra resistance. Yet they must remain sensitive enough to re-open if physical obstruction is detected. If you live in a high-wind area, please contact us for further advice

The range is typically 25 to 35 metres, depending on environmental factors and electrical interference. Interference to the remote handset range can be caused by things such as baby monitors, cordless phones, high-voltage power lines, phone towers and natural surroundings.

Yes. An automatic close function is available on all G-Force DIY gate opener kits. You can choose to press the remote handset once to open and once to close. Alternatively set to auto close mode and the gate will close automatically. We recommend safety beams be installed if the gate motor is put into auto close mode.

Yes. G-Force haveswing gate motorssuitable for inward-opening andoutward-opening swing gates. These gates can be positioned on rising, falling or sloping sites

Yes. Simply adjust the wiring as per the instructions to change the motor direction.

Between 20 – 40 seconds, depending on your installation.

The solar panel converts UV rays (sunlight) to electric current which charges the main storage battery. A
solar regulator prevents over charging. The 12 volt motor is then powered by the battery.

In most situations, one solar panel is sufficient. Where high usage is required, an increase in solar panel
size and/or battery capacity may be necessary. Please contact us for further advice.

The solar panel can be mounted up to 50 metres away. For most installations, the panel must be in full
sunshine for at least four to six hours a day. If the panel is installed in a shaded area, both the battery
charging efficiency and gate opener function will be affected.

G-Force solar panels are very efficient. These will charge the battery on cloudy days, however efficiency is
reduced in the shade. If left in the shade for prolonged periods, the battery will eventually discharge. For
better performance, mount the solar panel where it will receive as much sunlight as possible

If there is 240v AC power accessible within 80 metres to 100 metres of your gate, then you can install our
12V AC low voltage gate opener kit. The standalone 12V AC transformer powers the gate motor and
trickle charges the battery day and night. Otherwise, the solar powered gate opener kits are the answer

Absolutely. We can then identify the best gate opener for your individual requirements. Simply attach
your photo through our Contact form.

We have several access items available and some of the items may be included in the gate motor kit:
1. A simple visitor push button in a weather-proof enclosure

2. A visitor push button fitted with a key lock to disable the push button when you are away

3. Wireless Keypads

Yes. Extra remote handset transmitters are available for all G-Force DIY automatic gate opener kits.

Our gate openers are also compatible with most photo safety beams, electric locks, intercoms and mobile
phone access control options.

Some of these additional components can draw too much power and may drain your gate motor battery.
Please contact us for further advice

All G-Force DIY gate opener kits are supplied with a battery. With the 12 V AC low voltage models, the
battery becomes an emergency battery back-up should there be a mains power blackout. So your gate
will operate even when there’s no electricity.

All our DIY gate opener kits have in-built adjustable anti-crush obstruction sensing with an auto-reverse
safety feature. Other available safety equipment such as photo safety beams and warning signs can also
be fitted. We can advise on the most appropriate options for your particular installation.

Our DIY gate opener kits are simple to install, connect and operate. There are easy to follow instructions
with photographs and graphics to guide you. Our gate openers are low voltage so an electrician may not
be required. This can be an advantage and cost saving. Our set up and install instructions can be found in
the download section of our web site.

Generally all parts are included however, you will need additional hardware items such as bolts and
screws and interconnecting wire to connect to the solar panel or power pack / transformer to the gate
motor and to wire in any push buttons. In most situations, 2-core 1.5mm ‘Twin Active’ wire is sufficient.
You can get this from most electrical supply stores.

Typical installation times are:

  • Single Farm gate opener kit: two to four hours
  • Double gate motor kit: three to six hours.

Although not crucial, we would recommend the use of conduit, especially where wires need to be
installed across driveways or heavy traffic areas. In some cases, black poly pipe can be a good alternative.

Following gate opener installation you must carefully maintain the gate, gate motor and the surrounding
area. Keep your gate in good repair and ensure it continues to operate freely. Prevent grass and foliage
build-up that may obstruct gate operation or allow insects or other pests to infest the motor. Most
automatic gate failures are caused by lack of attention, flat batteries, pests or power points being turned